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Christmas on a Train

12 Dec





Attached at 7am in Rudow, the tree spent a good 5 hours travelling Berlin, until the train eventually came out of the tunnel at Rudow bearing only the remnants of the rubber bands – a mere reminder of the patchwork Christmas Tree that once was.



Setting the Benchmark

5 Nov

Ghost Train

31 Oct

A very happy Halloween from Panikstricken personally…


Kottbusser Tor

22 Feb

22nd February 2011.

U1, Kottbusser Tor, Berlin.

Baby Guerillas getting involved in the scene.

Love Thy Banister.

Warm Bottoms.

Phone Cozy – not just for your mobile either.


31 Jan

31st January 2011, 6am.

U1, Berlin.

Short video that will be shown in an exhibition in Hamburg and Berlin at the end of this year, documenting the morning’s hard work; and some photos of it displayed below.

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