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Cozy At The Coast

6 Feb



White Christmas in Southfields

25 Dec


Everybody’s been complaining about the lack of snow this Christmas – well down in SW London there were certainly a few flakes to be found.

(Yarn) Bomb on a Plane

22 Nov

Berlin to Liverpool? No problem, I can cover that.


Setting the Benchmark

5 Nov

Schweden Verstrickt!

11 Aug

Slussen, Stockholm.


Forstvisksvaegen, Ingaroe.


Panikstruck England

21 May



21st May 2011. Stansted to Cambridge, Cambridge to Winchester.

Tagging The Kiez

19 May

19th May 2011

Zossener Strasse

Zossener Strasse

Guerilla Arms!

Tagging the Bus Stop

Gneisenau Strasse Bus Stop

Gneisenau Strasse U7


Gneisenau Strasse U7