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Ghost Train

31 Oct

A very happy Halloween from Panikstricken personally…



The Big Brother Project

15 Aug

The day all the TV Screens on a U3 train came to life and stared back at all those who have, as time has gone by, spent hours of their lives staring at them.

              Ahhhh a cyclops!      


We had a couple of interesting responses, ranging from people resorting to their iPhones to snap away, over angry women who wanted to know what Johnny Depp was up to, all the way to one guy who enjoyed the whole thing so much he grabbed the eyes and proudly told us he would hang them up in his flat.


31 Jan

31st January 2011, 6am.

U1, Berlin.

Short video that will be shown in an exhibition in Hamburg and Berlin at the end of this year, documenting the morning’s hard work; and some photos of it displayed below.

Click here for more photos