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Bringing Winter Back

7 Mar

The snowed in Snowman.

    The set-up.  IMG_3449  IMG_3455
IMG_3459 Head. IMG_3482



The Reuter Advent Calendar Part II

24 Dec

IMG_0504-Edit  IMG_0506-Edit
 IMG_0649-Edit  IMG_0618-Edit
IMG_0640-Edit  IMG_0632-Edit  IMG_0645-Edit
P1130405   P1130407
P1130411   P1130425

Christopher Street Day

23 Jun


The Man-Tree

27 May



May Day

1 May

Say hello to the police little bottle.          Reichenberger Str."Maybe give it a squeeze..."
Are they real?!  Quick, hide! The police are coming!


31 Mar

         Ullrich Supermarket at Zoologischer Garten got a new delivery of superfoods.             

Christmas on a Train

12 Dec





Attached at 7am in Rudow, the tree spent a good 5 hours travelling Berlin, until the train eventually came out of the tunnel at Rudow bearing only the remnants of the rubber bands – a mere reminder of the patchwork Christmas Tree that once was.