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The Reuter Advent Calendar Part II

24 Dec

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Happy Halloween

31 Oct



Panik Playground

9 Sep




May Day

1 May

Say hello to the police little bottle.          Reichenberger Str."Maybe give it a squeeze..."
Are they real?!  Quick, hide! The police are coming!


31 Mar

         Ullrich Supermarket at Zoologischer Garten got a new delivery of superfoods.             

Greenland Goes Green

16 Feb


Cozy At The Coast

6 Feb


Yellow Snow

5 Feb

In Nuuk the combination of an abnormal amount of snow with an abnormal amount of dogs means you are presented with an abnormal amount of yellow snow. Figured I’d do my part.


Christmas on a Train

12 Dec





Attached at 7am in Rudow, the tree spent a good 5 hours travelling Berlin, until the train eventually came out of the tunnel at Rudow bearing only the remnants of the rubber bands – a mere reminder of the patchwork Christmas Tree that once was.


ZDF Morgenmagazin

14 Nov

Our second televised appearance can be laughed at here.

Some photos from the shoot can be enjoyed here:




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